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DewaaduQ is an online gambling site, poker88, and dominoqq which was established in 2009 with more than 3000 active members every day. To become a member in DewaaduQ is very easy, you only need data - data such as username, full name, active telephone number, email, account name, bank name, and account number that you want to use in the transaction. Trying on DewaaduQ Site is the right step and you don't need to drain the contents of the wallet too much to play, why? because in DewaaduQ only with IDR 10,000 capital you can play 7 games that are booming in Indonesia.




From the picture shown above is a very popular game and you can also make a profit of up to millions of rupiah in a fast time. The advantage of some of these games is that you can become a dealer in one table, and in certain games there is a table that has a high jackpot table. If there is a response from some people that a game like this is a game against a robot that is controlled by several admins, then you can prove it yourself by inviting several people to play on one table and you can judge for yourself how this game runs.



If you visit website, there will be a pop up or a golden notification board that contains attention to the godaduq member to be able to confirm the destination account number for the deposit so that there will be no errors in delivery. This shows that the care and service provided by DewaaduQ aims to avoid mistakes that often occur on other sites.

Mistakes that often occur in the world of gambling is to assume that in playing online gambling is a step to generate large profits, these assumptions can make you lose what you previously owned. To play the game found on DewaaduQ's website, it is suitable when you are gathering with your friends and colleagues and the important thing to know is that winning a game is a normal thing, don't get carried away by emotion, stop when you feel enough not when you feel satisfied.

DewaaduQ also provides attractive promos that you can easily reach, namely 0.3% turnover bonus which is distributed every day. Turnover bonus is a bonus calculated from your game turnover, whether victory or defeat will be added and multiplied by 0.3%. The other bonuses are referral bonuses of 20% where you invite friends or co-workers to play in DewaaduQ provided that friends or co-workers that you invite must be actively playing. That way you will get a referral bonus without having to make a deposit. Now from the explanation about DewaaduQ's site, hopefully this information can be useful for online gambling fans. Visit DewaaduQ's website to be able to directly try it and feel the convenience of making transactions.